How Car Parking Systems Work?

Several different types of car parking systems are available on the market today:

1. Independent access parking systems , which allow vehicle access without a valet. The Lift-Sliding Parking System allows drivers to retrieve their own vehicles, after which another car slides over to take its place while a mechanical car lift brings up another car. i

2. Depended access parking systems require a human attendant (usually a valet). The parking systems stack two, three, or four vehicles in an area usually occupied by a single space. A trained operator uses the Lift-Sliding Parking System to raise the vehicle on a mechanical car lift, which creates an additional space for another vehicle to be stored below. This process is repeated until the system reaches capacity. To retrieve a vehicle, the operator removes the vehicle below (at grade position) in order to lower the mechanical car lift and return the stacked vehicle requested. The system uses a Programmable Logic System (PLC) to manoeuvre vehicles in horizontal and vertical motions, and it provides quick and efficient access to all vehicles. ii

3. There are four types of depended access parking systems:

i. Suspended Parking System uses a structural framework to suspend a vehicle platform; the model type is the SP100: the Suspended Platform Double Parking Electric Car Stacker.

ii. Double Parking System effectively doubles parking space. It uses a hydraulic car lift to stack two cars vertically; this is ideal for parking garages with a limited amount of space. It is also offered in a suspended electric postless design. Model types include the DP003: the 2-Post Double Parking Hydraulic Electric Car Stacker, and the DP007: the Low Profile 2-Post Hydraulic Double Parking Car Stacker.

iii. Triple Parking System can stack three vehicles above each other. The parking system requires a reinforced concrete base, and is available as a four-post hydraulic or electric machine or a two-post electric machine. Model types include the TP500E: the 4-Post Triple Parking Electric SUV Car Stacker, and the TP500H: the 4-Post Triple Parking Hydraulic SUV Car Stacker.

iv. Quad Parking System is designed to use an auto car lift to stack four vehicles above each other. The parking system is available as a four-post electric machine that requires a reinforced concrete base. Model types include the QP1000E: the 4-Post Quadruple Parking Electric SUV Car Stacker, and the QP1000h: the 4-Post Quadruple Parking Electric SUV Car Stacker. iii

4. Fully automated parking systems use auto car lifts. They are designed for high density parking. These parking systems allow for virtually unlimited stacking capacity and provide fully integrated storage and retrieval functionality. The system allows the driver to drive up to a Park and Drive Station. After the driver exits the vehicle, a robotic shuttle transports the vehicle onto the Vehicle Transfer Center, which then transfers the car to a designated parking stall. The parking system offers the option of a turntable to make it easy to enter and exit the Park and Drive station, and an auto car lift device for multi-level applications. iv

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of parking systems are available?
We offer parking systems in the following categories: independent access parking lift system, dependent access parking system, and fully automated parking system. Visit our products page for further details. How safe are car parking lifts, car parking systems, and automatic parking systems? Our parking systems abide to top safety standards in the industry. Our trained technicians ensure your system follows all government required guidelines and recommendations. Each installation is inspected and certified by Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA).

Do parking systems help reduce theft or vandalism?
In most applications cars are not accessible by non authorized user, and are stored safely out of reach.

What are the costs of installing a parking lift system?
Each project costs vary, depending on type of space it will be installed to. Please contact us and we will come in to evaluate your site and provide a quotation.

Do parking systems require maintenance?
Yes, in regular usage situations, we recommend servicing your car lifter twice per year. We offer this service, visit our services page for further details.

Do parking systems require cleaning?
Yes, we recommend cleaning your car lifter on regular basis. It will prolong the life of our product, avoiding additional repair costs. We offer this service, visit our services page for further details.

Benefits and Advantages of Auto Park

Romax car parking systems help to maximize space usage so that builders can work around building physical restrictions to install high capacity car parking garages. These systems can be installed on sites that are too small to accommodate ramp-access car parking garages. Romax automated garages can provide twice as many parking spaces in the same volume of space as ramp-access car parking garages.

Other benefits include:
  • Less building and construction materials
  • Reduced or no lighting; fewer power and electrical expenditures
  • No ramps, stairs or elevators
  • No running engines in the garage
  • Minimized construction time
  • Safety: no dark or intimidating areas to walk through
  • Localized collection stations—no need to “hunt” for parked vehicles v

Romax Auto Park is registered and certified in Canada by Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) under #13, Parking Garage Lifts.

Costs of Car Parking Systems

Romax car park systems are more economical than traditional car parking systems. Depending on the size and scope of the car parking system (larger systems tend to be less expensive on a per parking space basis), on a long-term basis, each parking space could be one-third to one-fifth cheaper than a traditional parking space. vi

Maintenance of Car Parking Systems

Romax car parking systems need to be serviced at least 1-2 times a year. Smaller simple stackers should be serviced at least once a year, while larger systems should be serviced twice a year. Car parking systems with high traffic or valet assistance need to be serviced quarterly.

In addition, all Romax car parking systems should be periodically cleaned. This is particularly important in the winter when road salt can spread to car lifter platforms and subsequently cause damage.

Around-the clock emergency service is also available. In many cases, help will arrive within 60 minutes of the call.


Implementation of a Romax car parking system involves several stages: client consultation, architectural assessment, verification of site, correction of any site defects before installation, assemblage of prefabricated components onsite, final testing and inspection of car lifts and other system elements.

Romax provides experienced and qualified technicians to perform all installation work. Uninterrupted access to the work area is mandatory for equipment, transport, labour and services as needed. Installation periods differ according to project specifications and project specific conditions (some variables include hydraulic car lifts, mechanical car lifts, type of residential or business parking garage system, parking expansion options, etc).

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Romax Residential Parking Solutions offers a variety of parking systems; from simple car lifts requiring no pit construction, to car stackers and home car elevators.